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        Custom-shaped PVC/Silicone USB Flash Drive


These custom shape rubber USB flash drives were made for our clients. We just display some of them for your reference.

If you pursue a unique USB flash drive that is more in line with the company's image, then let's customize your company's personalized USB flash drive. 
We can customize the USB flash drive in the shape of the company's logo,  the company mascot, or the company's products.

All you need is just send pictures in high solution JPED or PDF, and Efuner will do the rest  (2D/3D drawing, making the mold, sample making, mass product, shipping).

Custom PVC Silicone Wooden Leather Plastic Metal Acrylic Promotion Gift Bespoke Cheap OTG USB flash drive disk storage memory 2.0 3.0 Индивидуальный подарок для продвижения на заказ дешевый OTG USB флэш-накопитель диск памяти 2,0 3,0 Cadeau de promotion personnalisé sur mesure pas cher OTG clé USB mémoire de stockage sur disque 2.0 3.0 Regalo de promoción personalizado a medida memoria de almacenamiento en disco de unidad flash USB OTG barata 2,0 3,0

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