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                    USB Flash Drive -  Perfect Promotion Gift to Promote Your Business & Brand


With the development of technology, people's lives are becoming more and more digital, which requires a lot of data to be stored. However, in the face of all kinds of cloud storage, mailbox storage, network space storage, people's privacy and personal data are also exposed at a glance.


As a traditional mobile digital storage device, USB flash drive just avoids these problems. It can make your data and private information more secure Controllable. Therefore, whether it is for personal use or as a gift, the USB flash drive is a perfect choice.

Why USB Flash Drive?

1. Small and portable
Short production cycle
Moderately priced as a gift
4. Light weight and cheap shipping
5. Short shipping time(Usually by Express or Air)
6. Small MOQ can be customized logo and shape

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                                          Memory Card - Your Good Partner for Digital Products


Memory cards (SD card/Micro SD card)are widely used in digital cameras, car GPS navigation, driving recorders, computers, notebooks, drones, CCTV cameras, telephones etc.

Why choose Efuner memory card?

1. All made of GRADE A Toshiba/Intel/Micron/Samsung chips
2. All memory cards are tested 3 times before shipping. The first time is to test the chip, the second time is to test the semi-finished product, and the third time is to test the finished product.
3. All memory cards are guaranteed for one year, and if there is any problem within one year, free replacement.
4. All memory cards are guaranteed for life, if there is any quality problem after 1 year, free maintenance.

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Value-added services

1. Free storage
We have a warehouse of more than 300 square meters (about 3230 square feet), which is specially used to store the goods that customers need to send or store. We offer 30 days of free storage.


2. Purchasing service

Efuner had sourcing & procurement experience in 8+ catergories(Consumer Electronics, Sports & Outdoor, Health & Beauty, Home & Kitchen, Pet Supplies, Clothings, Car Accessories, Toys etc), and have purchased 1000+ different products for our clients(30% from Amazon sellers). We had a reliable sources for PVC, Silicone, ABS Alu Zinc, Wood, Carbon Fiber and Packaging Manufacturers.

Due to the impact of the COVID-19, many of our guests come from e-commerce platforms like Amazon, ebay, shopify, or their independent shopping site. In order to avoid converting high advertising costs into customer procurement costs, our company seldom invests in advertising. The majority of purchase orders are from our long-term clients and referred by our clients.


Efuner procurement staffs have over 5 years in purchasing, they often visit and evaluate suppliers rather than relying on online sourcing, which greatly improves their understanding of suppliers and product lines and reduces procurement risks. In addition, our purchasing manager has 9 years of experience in foreign trade sales. He is very aware of the development trend of foreign trade. In 2017, we helped a group of old customers to seize the popular product - fidget spinner, and to created a good profit for our customers .


3. Factory inspection & QC service
Many disputes in international trade stem from fraud, and it is particularly important to find reliable suppliers with guaranteed quality. Many long-term customers require us to inspect the factory to confirm the reliability and production capacityand to ensure that the product quality is qualified and the quantity is accurate before delivery.


Efuner - your trustworthy one-stop purchasing service expert, is definitely the best choice for you to reduce costs and increase efficiency. 


4. Logistics and dropshipping
Efuner provides efficient logistics solutions and drop shipping, delivery your orders safely and quickly.

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